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  The enterprise was founded as a factory for planes making and repairing in 1941 with decree of His Majesty King Boris III. During the years subject of its activity were:
  • Integral fitting of planes and production of separate aggregates except for the engine. The Bulgarian planes “LAZ” and “DAR” were being produced and repairs of the German plane “Mesershmit” were being made during the war.
  • Production of agricultural machines, lathes, drill-ploughs, seed-cleaning machines, etc.
  • Production of electromotors and transformers
  • Production of mopeds “Balkan” – 50 and 75 cm3 and motorcycles 250 cm3
  • Fitting of cars “Fiat” 850, “Fiat” 124, “Moskvich” 408, “Moskvich” 412 and “Moskvich” 21412
  • Units and meetings for electric and motor forklift trucks
  • Articles for furnishing industry




During the 70s the enterprise was occupied mainly with production of meetings and aggregates for the forklift truck construction. A gradual start began then and input in regular production of electro truck transmissions, electric truck wheel reduction gears and motor-bicycles, motor truck motive axles, motor truck direction axles, hydrodynamic transmitters and many others. “Balkan” AD, founded more than sixty years ago, is now one of the pioneers of forklift truck construction in Bulgaria. With its experience during the years, with its established prestige and confidence amongst the customers, with personnel high qualification, the enterprise takes one of the leading positions in this branch and strongly states its wish to develop furhtermore.

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